Learn about Mediterranean honey bees and beekeeping at the FREE online event on March 7, 2023.

MEDIBEES annual meeting was in Toledo (SPAIN) from March 7 to 10, 2023. A free online workshop was offered for the general public in the morning of March.
This event was followed by 3 days of work on MEDIBEES tasks within the consortium and a visit to the CIAPA laboratory.

For more information about MEDIBEES annual meeting in Toledo from March 7 to 10, 2023 please consult here the program.

Partners from the University of Terkirdag Namik Kemal, Turkey, presented the MEDIBEES project in the 7th International Mugla Beekeeping and Pine Honey Congress, held between 15-19 November 2022 in Marmaris-Mugla, Turkey.

On 18-20 November 2022, in Santarém, Portugal, both the XXI National Beekeeping Forum and XVII National Honey Fair witnessed the active participation of MEDIBEES. Gian Luigi Marcazzan (CREA), M. Alice Pinto (CIMO), and Amelia V. Gonzalez (IRIAF) set the basis to promote the sensory analysis of honey in Portugal. Different sessions were oriented to a panel of specialists, technicians of beekeeper associations, individual beekeepers, and the general public. Overall, over 40 people attended.

The Portuguese panel of specialists in honey sensorial analysis depicted with the MEDIBEES members, Drs Pinto, Gonzalez, and Marcazzan.

The Portuguese panel of specialists in honey sensorial analysis depicted with the MEDIBEES members, Drs Pinto, Gonzalez, and Marcazzan.

Technicians of beekeeper associations and individual beekeepers at the training session on honey tasting.

The National Agricultural Research Center (NARC), Jordan, organized a two-day workshop on 'Honey Sensorial Analysis' in 1-2 of November, 2022.The workshop was attended by 27 participants, including beekeepers, technicians of beekeepers' associations, and researchers. The participants were trained on how to distinguish different smells and to differentiate between taste, aroma and flavor. They had the opportunity to try different types of honeys and to learn how to perceive taste. This event was the first training to establish a honey sensory panel in Jordan.

DNA extractions are in full swing - getting ready for whole genome sequencing!

In February 2022, the MediBees consortium met in Amman, Jordan, to discuss the operational aspects of the work package implementation. For the project partners, this was the first chance to gather in person. This highly productive meeting hosted intense and well-participated discussion sessions. On the last meeting day, both partners and stakeholder representatives enjoyed a practical session of sensory analysis of Mediterranean honeys. The National Agricultural Center (NARC) hosted the meeting.

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Resultados do inquérito aos apicultores realizado no âmbito do projeto MEDIBEES-Portugal
Results of the survey to the Portuguese beekeepers

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